Troubled by  yellow jackets,  

honey bees, hornets or other type of bee/wasp?

Bee Friendly Honey offers a physical hive removal service! We are  fully licensed and bonded, and we are entirely pesticide free. We offer a sustainable and ecologically sound way to remove pests from unwanted places: hives of removed honey bees are relocated to our apiaries that are located in the Bay Area and the foothills of the Sierras, primarily Angel's Camp and Murphys. Hives are always removed completely: we never spray and leave the hive as is, as decaying hives and their inhabitants can attract rodents and ants who go after the honey or the larvae. Simply plugging up a hole in the wall in front of the hive will do little good---insects are crafty, and can find alternative ways into your living space! If you’re dealing with a hive, contact us! We are local and community focused, NOT a large pest control company! We care about the quality of services provided, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. We can usually schedule you within the week that you contact us. Details on each type of hive removal are below.

- Paper Wasps - 

- Yellow Jackets -

- Honey Bees -

 - Bumble Bee -

bumble bee 1.png

- Carpenter Bee -

- Solitary Wasp -

- Mud Dabber -

- Unknown Bee or Wasp -

All prices are subject to change without notice.  Upon inspection of property, quote may change due to unforeseen difficulties.   No work will take place before a price is agreed upon.  Minimum fee charged for a home visit is $35 to cover time and expenses  even if upon inspection no work can be done.  Prices are based on a $150 an hour bee removal and $75 an hour drive time for  billing. 


Thank you for supporting my local beekeeping business!  As you all know,  living in the bay area is expensive and your support allows me to serve the community and the earth through pollination of our local plants, fruit trees,  flowers and incorporate healthy environmental practices. 

 Thank you for helping me  follow my beekeeping passion!