Troubled by a hive of wasps, yellow jackets, or honey bees?

Bee Friendly Honey offers a physical hive removal service! Steve is fully licensed and bonded, and we are entirely pesticide free. We offer a sustainable and ecologically sound way to remove pests from unwanted places: hives of removed honey bees are relocated to our apiaries that are located in the Bay Area and the foothills of the Sierras, primarily Angel's Camp and Murphys.

Hives are always removed completely: we never spray and leave the hive as is, as decaying hives and their inhabitants can attract rodents and ants who go after the honey or the larvae. Simply plugging up a hole in the wall in front of the hive will do little good---insects are crafty, and can find alternative ways into your living space!

If you’re dealing with a hive, give us a call! We are local and community focused, NOT a large pest control company! We care about the quality of services provided, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. We can usually schedule you within the week that you call. Details on each type of hive removal are below---call us for a price estimate, or with any questions! 

Paper Wasps 

Paper wasps create an umbrella shaped nest out of paper with cells in the bottom, that usually range in size from a half dollar to a small dinner plate (about 1 inch to 8 inches). There are usually about 15-25 wasps per nest, and they are characterized by long skinny bodies the width of a pencil and length of a wine cork. They have orange wings and yellow-black, hairless bodies, and are primarily active in the heat of the afternoon. Paper wasps are mostly found in the spring through the beginning of fall.

  • Fee: $175 and up. - Includes house inspection and site survey (any other exterior locations on the house, eaves, shed or landscape) to make sure there aren't any other nests.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are ground dwelling, and typically live in abandoned animals holes, attics, or any subterranean cavity. Nests are not usually visible as they generally have a small exterior opening. They are super aggressive and there are thousands of wasp  per hive. Yellow jackets are the size of a pencil eraser, with yellow and black, hairless bodies. They are most active spring to early fall, and in the mid-to-late afternoon heat.

  • Fee: $175  if located in ground, $375  if located inside a structure - Services include complete site survey and removal of one nest.  Additional nest will be charged out at $45 per nest.   Services are guaranteed for a one year period.

Honey Bees 

Honey bees are removed through either a non-invasive procedure for tree dwelling bees, or a more in depth structural removal from a house or existing structure. Their bodies are black and gold, and furry. They are dormant during winter and the colder months, as well as during the colder times of day. Bees are most active during spring and summer, and during warm afternoons.

The hive is located with a thermal detector to eliminate guess work, after which an exploratory small hole is made and a camera is used to ascertain correctness of location and avoidance of any compromised pipes or structures. Following this, a larger access hole is made, normally about 1.5-2 ft in width. Bees, honey, and wax are removed from the hive, and the bees are reused in local apiaries for honey production and pollination services. Service includes sealing up the original hive entrance once the work is completed. Everything is professionally done, leaving no sticky messes!

Swarm Removal:

  • Collect and relocate the swarm into a new home.  Your payment goes towards supplying the bees with their first wooden hive box, frames and a feeding to get them started off strong!  These bees are latter used in our pollination service program, local school education and honey production.   Approximate schedule time required is 45min -  1 Hour and cost -  $145

Structural Removal Fees:  

  • Sheetrock removal: $575  and up.  Optional  rebuild,  wall patch, texture and paint offered, estimate for repair  given on site.  We  open up the sheetrock, relocate the bees, clean out any comb and rebuild your wall to better than new in only one visit!    This type of removal is typical inside an interior wall or ceiling of your home.   Approximate typical schedule time required is 3-5hrs for bee removal and 1-3hrs complete rebuild time.  

  • Removal From Tree: $425  and up.  Bees are relocated, not killed using a special extended release  method to remove the bees alive without damaging the tree.  Process takes 2-3 weeks to complete from start to finish.   Price includes metal wire screen  patch of original hive entrance and comes with a one year no bee guarantee.  Schedule to have the patch inspected for extended warranty time as trees can grow and create gaps in patches over time.  Approximate schedule time required is 45min-1 Hour, two visits (setup and pickup).

  • Chimney Removals: $675 and up.  Chimney removals offer a wide realm of intricate issues that need to be worked around to create a safe and successful removal.  It is typical to do the removal from the top of the chimney as that is where most swarms  begin to build their hive working their way down the flue as they grow.

  • Home Bee/Wasp  Proofing: Site inspection required to give accurate quote for this type of work.  Inspection runs $125  and is paid towards your bee proofing project if you decide to move forward with the job.  Average single family home is typically $1200-$2200 to screen attic vents, caulk any crack or crevice larger than 1/8", screen crawl space vents,  expandable foam any large gaps or openings that would allow bees, wasp, hornets to enter your home.  Think of it as a face lift for your house, making it more air tight to keep the the air conditioning, heating in  and bugs and  water out!   

All prices are subject to change without notice.  Upon inspection of property, quote may change due to unforeseen difficulties.   No work will take place before a price is agreed upon.  Minimum fee charged for a home visit is $35 to cover time and expenses  even if upon inspection no work can be done.  Prices are based on a $150 an hour bee removal and $75 an hour drive time for  billing. 


Thank you for supporting my local beekeeping business!  As you all know,  living in the bay area is expensive and your support allows me to serve the community and the earth through pollination of our local plants, fruit trees,  flowers and incorporate healthy environmental practices. 

 Thank you for helping me  follow my beekeeping passion!