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Bee Friendly Honey is the best place to have a honey bee  hive or wasp nest removed from your property or home.  With honey bees we are able to relocate the hive  without hurting any of the bees.  Wasps are eliminated  using  environmentally friendly methods.

- Our Mission -

Bee Friendly Honey seeks to provide great customer service and a local honey source for our community! We are a small, local business, born and raised in Lafayette, California. Our main goal is to spread awareness of what we do and why beekeeping and pollinator health are vital to the health of our environment. We also work with clients, educating them in the diversification of their yards for natural pollinators, thereby helping the environment and emphasizing sustainable and eco-friendly landscaping. Our practices promote local biodiversity and sustainable ethics. We recycle swarms of wild bees into our own hives, and feed the wasps collected in hive removals to chickens and fish on  property in the Gold Country. Future plans include the creation of a sustainable farm that produces solely pollinator-friendly flora, protects bees, and gives back to the environment.

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Steven Harris

Ever since I was a young boy I can remember lifting up stones, wood logs, bricks, pavers, anything that might conceal some type of bug or animal.  As I grew older, my room became filled with terrariums and aquariums that brought the natural world I so craved right inside my home: the glass enclosures teemed with sound and life,  sharing secrets that only the most observant entomologist could decipher.  I grew up, wondering if there was ever going to be a way for me to keep learning from the most wonderful teacher I'd ever had, nature herself. Nature also inspired me to experiment with plants, and I ended up developing a green thumb nursing plants back to life and growing new and exotic ones from seeds and cuttings. This is when I decided to attend Cal Poly State University, to study plants and flowers that grew with the vigor of my imagination.  Then one day working in the flowers, I saw a honey bee, and my eyes lit up as I realized I had finally found a way to follow my heart, and be one with the bees.. 

Steven majored in Agricultural Environmental Plant Sciences, with a concentration in Greenhouse Nursery Plant Production. His coursework included classes in sustainability, environmental sciences, irrigation of crops and water fluidity dynamics, pest management, beekeeping, botany, soil sciences, water tables and behavior, and water in our environment relating to aquifers. He is trained to look at an ecosystem critically, and is aware of favorable conditions and places where bees should be located (or not) due to environmental or man made factors.


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