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Lafayette, California based Bee Friendly Honey is the best place to have a honey bee swarm or hive removed from your property/home without hurting any of the bees.  We also remove wasps, yellow jacket and hornet nest.  Call for a free estimate!


Bee Friendly Honey produces a great tasting honey in several floral notes and pollen harvested fresh from the hive.  Our products are 100% Local, Pure, Raw and Unfiltered.

- History -

Established in 2013

Attending Cal Poly State University located in San Luis Obispo, California I enrolled in a  beekeeping class due to its relativity to my major, Agricultural Environmental Plant Sciences with a concentration in Greenhouse Nursery Plant Production.  During this introduction to the world of beekeeping I became fascinated in every aspect of the life of bees and the people who tend to them called apiarist.  With support from my teacher, Scott Jeffery's and many other friends and family I decided beekeeping is what made me passionate, loving the unknown of what was behind a buzzing wall in someones home as I began a hive removal, reaching into beach ball sized swarms of bees coxing them into their new home or educating children at schools why bees are an essential part of our ecosystem.  Bee Friendly Honey has now served hundreds of customers since March of 2013.  In the future I hope Bee Friendly Honey can help you in your time of need, just remember,

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Bee Friendly Honey

- Meet the Business Owner: Steven Harris -

Ever since I was a young boy I can remember lifting up stones, wood logs, bricks, pavers, anything that might conceal some type of bug or animal.  As I grew older my room became filled with terrariums and aquariums that brought the natural world I so craved to be in right inside my home.  The glass enclosures teaming with sound and life,  sharing secrets that only the most observant entomologist could decipher.  I grew up, wondering if there was ever going to be a way for me to keep learning from the most wonderful teacher I'd ever had, nature herself.  During this exposure to nature I also developed a green thumb nursing plants back to life and growing new and exotic ones from seeds and cuttings.  This is when I decided to attend Cal Poly State University, studying plants and flowers that grew with the vigor of my imagination.  Then one day working in the flowers i saw a honey bee, my eyes lit up as I realized I had finally found a way to follow my heart, and be one with the bees..